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Bollards System

These solutions are currently the most widely used and tested mobile retractable bollards adopted for multiple applications,
For example:

  • Private use and for reserved spaces:     private parking –parking spaces for the disabled-parking spaces for Company Executives-parking spaces for customers;
  • Access control:  private, company, industrial and commercial vehicle entrance accesses;
  • Control for limited vehicle traffic and pedestrian zones: city centers-pedestrian areas-traffic lanes reserved for public transport vehicles(trams-buses-taxis)-street market areas;
  • Anti-intrusion and anti-terrorism security:
Company and forwarding agent warehousing facilities industries-shopping centers-research centers embassies-police stations and military bases Ministerial buildings and sensitive sites in general



These bollards can be configured with multiple optional articles, according to the installation requirements, for example, Automatic Bollards, Semi-Automatic Bollards, Fixed Bollards.