Our Products and Solutions

Traffic Solutions

Signage boards, Retro Reflective Caution Boards, Road stud, Delineators, Guardrail reflector with vandal guard nut and Road markings are used to give the caution message of the road condition to the vehicular passengers. The stickers used for the products are as per MOST specification to give caution signal for approaching motorists well in advance, and also provide a highly visible navigation channel.

Guardrails:  Guardrail, Barrier Reflectors are supported with vandal Guard nut and protective sheeting for vandal proof to shows the course of the road at night. Guardrail reflectors are available for many different profiles.

Solar Road Stud

Solar Road Stud powered by energy from the sun and provides the clear and safe passage for road vision at night for drivers. The stud  have a rugged design, which can easily bear the weight of a fully loaded truck or trailer. These Studs are completely maintenance free.

This is a high-tech product based on the principle of photovoltaic conversion. It can be installed on edge of the pavement, or at roundabout, or the corner of the intersection to decorate the way and display the contours. It turns ON at dusk and turns OFF at dawn automatically.